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Before steel and iron, stone was used to construct strong, sturdy buildings that could withstand the toughest conditions. The most critical stone, The Cornerstone, was the first stone laid, and it provided a guide for the rest of the building.

Nowadays we tend to overlook the importance of a cornerstone on a building because many construction techniques can be used to make sure a building will be level and plumb. But long ago, when builders were planning their projects, the importance of the cornerstone made all the difference.

When we read that Christ is the cornerstone, that means Jesus is our right and true foundation and whatever is built in alignment with him will be right and true too.

Often we think it is up to us to make sure everything measures up. But the Bible shows that because we are built up in Christ, we can be confident that not only do we belong but we also fit.


We don't know the specifics of what you are battling today, but be assured, you can and will withstand the toughest conditions with God as your focus!

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