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August 28 - September 3


Unsettled weather may be in place Monday and Tuesday ahead of a tropical system coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and a cold front moving in from the Northwest. The National Hurricane Center puts the chance of development up to 70% as it progresses through the week.

Monday - High 90, sunny and cloudy, 40% chance of rain

Tuesday - High 90, sunny and cloudy, 50% chance of rain

Wednesday - High 87, cloudy, 50% chance of rain

Thursday - High 85, mostly sunny, 20% chance of rain

Friday - High 87, mostly sunny, 0% chance of rain

Saturday - High 84, mostly sunny, 20% chance of rain

Sunday - High 86, mostly sunny, 10% chance of rain

Upcoming Events:

Train - Saturday, September 2nd, 7:30-11:30 PM, Credit One Stadium

Conner Smith - Saturday, September 2nd, 6-10 PM, The Windjammer

ZZ Top - Thursday, August 31st, Time TBD, North Charleston Coliseum

Edisto Beach Shag Festival - Friday-Sunday, September 1st-3rd, Bay Creek Park (Edisto Island)

Smoke-N-Beats - Saturday, September 2nd, 3-7 PM, The Blue Note Bistro

Trip Availability:

Sunset Cruise - Tuesday, August 29th, 5-8 PM

Beach Workout - Wednesday, August 30th, 7-9 AM

Sunset Cruise - Saturday, September 2nd, 5-8 PM

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